Seamless Clean Cooking & Electricity From Organic Waste

Switch your firewood, Kerosene and LPG Gas Stove for our Ai & Enzymes Powered Digester & Turn Your  Organic Waste into Clean Energy!


Assistive-AI in Local Languages● SAFE● Easy-to-Use● & AFFORDABLE●

Order the Kitchen Box or Bio-tank to turn household organic waste and animal/farm waste into biogas & generate clean energy & other benefits today!
24 Hours Delivery Anywhere in Nigeria & Benin Republic!

Uniquely Engineered for Rural Africa


The Kitchen Box Comes in 500 Liters for Kitchen Use. Complete Kits are ordered separately. 


Made with ISO-certified materials and 0.5mm thick to safely hold biogas & completely removable or transported to other location while holding the gas. 100kg Bag to 1,000 KG Biogas Capacity Bag.


Flush your toilet waste into the Bio-Septic Tank today and with the aid of our organic enzymes, produce biogas for clean cooking & to produce clean electricity for your home or community. Order the 1,000L or higher capacity today!


1.0 kVA to 25 kVA Capacity to power restaurants, off-grid homes, and farms. Runs only on biogas plus other bio accessories to optimize your Kitchen Box


Biogas-efficient gas stove and biogas burner head of any sizes. Can be used for house or industrial purposes

Powder Enzymes

Do you want to 4x your biogas production? Get our powder enzymes, to improve output!


Want an entirely different design or larger capacity digester systems to work for your home, farm or company? We can design any type to fit your space using Geomembrane nylon or HDPE materials.

Our Bio-tank can be as small as 500 Liters and Can be Customized to be as big as 50,000 Liters! We also produce Metal Digesters for Industries! Try us Now!

Why Choose Us?

10+ Global Awards Won● AI + Blockchain Enabled ● Affordable● Customizable● Zero Waste● VDI 4630-Compliant● Tokenized Carbon Receipts●

Our Uniqueness●

Our Digesters Are Uniquely Designed to Be 100% Efficient and Ensure Speedy AD (Anaerobic Digestion)!

● learn how to use biogas safely for cooking, or generate commercial quantity of biogas to resell
● learn how to turn any diesel and petrol generator to run ONLY on biogas to produce clean electricity
Visit the website dedicated to small-holder farmers to learn about the Bio-Tank and other products

What Our Clients Say●●●

"The Best Thing That Has Happened to Hundreds of Young Farmers in Our Association is D-Olivette Bio-tank. Truly An Amazing Investment for Any Farmer!"
Samsodeen Adeoti,
Youth Cordinator, Youth Farmers Network of Nigeria
"The Kitchen Box has plenty benefits, and its not just the cooking biogas, you also get to save money and stop inhaling firewood fumes."
Mrs. Monisola, House Wife, in Ogbere, Oyo, Nigeria and Mother of Seven
"D-Olivette Climate Drive is Sincere. With the Kitchen Box installed in over 200 homes in my community, we have cleaner air and water with less landfilling. Thank you!"
Kenny Anjorin, Community Youth Leader, Itori, Ogun, Nigeria.

Some of Our Partners●●●